Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Dinner...

We had no family here...  it felt strange in the days coming up to Thanksgiving knowing that, and in a way, I didn't feel good about it.
But.... all's well that ends well... we had a WONDERFUL time...
Yes it would have been nice to have family here... but I also realised that things have changed.. not that I didn't know that before, but today it really sunk in, and acceptance too I guess.
This is our dinner ...
We have students again ( best decision ever !! ) and they were here with a couple of friends. And we also have a visitor here on holiday... she was a friend of a student of ours, and is staying with us for the week, so she was able to join us.... and Sujin and Mija live in Calgary so they were here also.
There was dancing, and talking , and laughing...and even though it was busy... it was relaxing !! and most of all... FUN
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

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