Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The devastation has been awful.. I have never lived through anything like this in my life..
Our city was in a state of emergency because of the floods.. it was awful !!
All of downtown was flooded as well as so many other areas.... including the Zoo.
Banff and Canmore are in an awful state... the road going there is in terrible shape.
High River is still in a state of emergency ( as are we ).. High River is still flooded
No-one has been allowed back there.
The city came to a standstill... but I am so proud of our city, the way it has come together..
Everyone helping each other....  the Stampede asked for help and thousands upon thousands of people showed up to help... it makes my heart swell with pride.
I am proud to live in Canada... proud to be Canadian  <3 p="">

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