Saturday, March 16, 2013

No Excuses...

I just haven't felt in the mood to be writing in my blog these days.... not that anyone really reads it anyway :)
Soooo... some things that are going on in our lives..
We are Great Grandparents... you didn't read it wrong.
Our Granddaughter had twins in December... a boy and a girl, and they are lovely.
They are adorable and are growing up fast.  Over 3 months old already... its
hard to believe.
Isn't their wee family adorable !!  I love them  x x

My husband's brother died just recently... we weren't all close, as we live far from them,
but it was still sad. Hubby went back for the funeral, and it was good for him to
re connect with family again.
His brother was only 51 years old... sad eh ?
Here's his brother Dave
We are giving Homestay a break... not sure when or if we will go back to it.
We are thankful for all that we learned from doing it though.
It feels like we are going through lots of changes... change is good though.

And yesterday... we became grandparents again !!
Our son and his wife also had twins... a boy and a girl also.
I feel like we are so blessed..
Here they are.. brand new wee babies... love them already :)
If you still check my blog...thank you.....
Have a wonderful day  x x

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